vintage vs 2.0

vintage vs 2.0

just over a year has passed since Shopify released an updated theme architecture called Online Store 2.0. themes that use the previous architecture are called vintage themes.

the technical jargon aside, this update essentially changed the game for smaller merchants with limited internal resourcing- making a world of self-managed site content truly possible, for the entire site.

since 2.0, gone are the days of code-confined theme's with little to no self-editing value. gone are the days of needing apps like shogun or pagefly to get additional pages into your site. Shopify Online Store 2.0 introduced the ability to create as many pages as you like and attach unique page templates to all of these pages- such that each page can be uniquely configured with content using any of the design elements (or "sections") native to the theme.

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unfortunately, many stores are still grappling with the outdated approach to site content, still published on vintage theme versions or fully custom themes which are also code-confined. staying in this place limits the ability for merchants to expand the site as and when needed- to support new releases, new developments in the merchant's offering, as well as content changes to support marketing initiatives and seasonal releases.

the process of updating to 2.0 can be very simple with a little help - and with it brings the opportunity to refresh and update the site experience overall, if a larger  update is desired. conversely, if a merchant is attached to the look and feel of the current site but still wants to make the move to 2.0, we are able to design on a 2.0 theme for an experiences that matches (as closely as possible) the current state if the site.

new merchants will enjoy the benefit of beginning their shopify journey on a 2.0 theme, but for merchants already trading on the platform, the process of updating will need a little management to ensure no disruption to the customer facing site.

we can help you step into the light that is Shopify Online Store 2.0. noagency is all about creating the best outcomes for merchants - with us, all you're paying for is solutions and service, nothing else.


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